A new Energy.

UA company like Rida works to create a culture of awareness that focuses on ethical behaviors, respect for the environment and careful use of its resources.
Rida Ambiente, inspired by principles of innovation and productive efficiency, strives to uphold core values that combine business decisions with an approach based on corporate responsibility and environmental protection.

Environmental protection, promotion of human values, honesty and transparency in all our behaviors, are the key concepts on which we build our company’s philosophy.
This cultural approach is more than a business strategy, is, first and foremost, a way of life. This is what makes Rida one of the main players in the field of waste treatment and disposal.
“We pave the way for the energy of tomorrow.”

Our Mission

We have worked on recovering raw materials since 1990, supporting and promoting the development of a sustainable culture by changing the approach to waste treatment, making it a way to produce energy. Our goal is to regain a higher quality of life and to combat the consequences of the impact of human actions on the ecosystem.


RIDA Ambiente is a certified company complying with the following standards:
ISO 9001:2015
ISO 14001:2015
ISO 45001: 2018
UNI EN 15358:2011



A brief history of Rida

Rida Ambiente was founded in 1990 under the name R.I.D.A. snc and worked for approximately nine years in the field of wood recycling, producing chipboard to be used in the furniture industry.

In 1999, Rida Ambiente opened a new plant for the treatment and recovery of non-hazardous special waste. It was an ambitious project that marked its entry into the field of waste recovery for the production of secondary raw materials.

In 2003, treatment and recovery of municipal solid waste became Rida’s core business, and the company began designing a new waste treatment plant for the production of refuse-derived fuel.

In 2004, Rida obtained the authorization for the construction and operation of a RDF production plant, which became, for its configuration and technology, one of the most important plants of its kind in the Lazio region. In 2007, Rida added a facility for the disposal of non-hazardous liquid waste.

In 2012, the construction of a new bio-drying facility for the treatment of unsorted MSW started, which was completed in November 2013, marking a new era in municipal solid waste treatment in the Lazio region. This new bio-drying process represents a veritable innovation compared to those used in other facilities in the area, mostly because of the decision to bio-dry waste in its entirety, and not only the fraction resulting from waste processing. This approach results in a high-quality RDF/SSF, in substantially increased waste recovery rates and in a significant reduction of waste to be landfilled. Another advantage of this method is the removal of unpleasant odors during storage, treatment, and disposal of processed fraction.
Rida’s treatment method, its low-impact automated loading systems, as well as the technology used to control and use point sources of emissions in the atmosphere, contribute, together with the size of the plants, to making Rida Ambiente a model of efficiency in terms of technology and innovation at a national level and a leading company in the waste treatment sector.

Rida’s core values:

  • We are committed to innovation and productive efficiency to support our clients, employees, and community.
  • We believe in corporate social responsibility and in a sustainable culture.
  • We promote technology as a means to make the future a better place.
  • We uphold human values, honesty and transparency in all our behaviors.