Rida Ambiente has been working in the waste treatment industry since 1990 and its long experience in this field allowed the company to address the evolving needs of the community it works in.
The strong drive to change and the growing community awareness about waste issues require concerted action.
We need to work together, in order to develop best practices, reduce waste and promote the reuse and recycling of raw materials. Moreover, we need to process the waste that cannot be further sorted, so as to turn it into a new resource. Everyone knows they have a role to play, the future depends on us all and the solution to address our problems is in our own hands.

That is why Rida Ambiente opens its doors to the local community and to the students who want to find out what lies at the heart of the company.

We are utterly convinced that honesty and transparency in everything we do are the core values of a peaceful social coexistence. For this reason, the company not only opens its doors to visitors, but it is also willing to provide any information about its treatments, the type of waste it processes, environmental impact parameters and all the other data that are constantly monitored and tested.

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Form for the notification to the supervisory authority (ita)

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Whistleblowing Service (ita)

Following numerous controversies that have arisen over some (duly registered) donations made by one of the companies of the group, Rida Ambiente has decided to publish on this page all the funds donated to organizations, political groups, cultural initiatives and any other donation made.
In this way, not only will everyone be able to know what we have financed, with maximum transparency, but it is also an opportunity to promote various types of projects, which perhaps many do not know.